Monday, February 14, 2011

Severnaya Verf handed over two patrol vessels to Algeria

Severnaya Verf shipyard delivered two frigates (projects 1234E and 1159T) to Algerian Navy after general overhaul and modernization. 

The acceptance certificate was signed by directors of Severnaya VerfRosoboronexport and representatives of Algerian Navy. 

The ships' upgrade included advanced radars and communication systems, new sonar and missile attack system, reports RIA Novosti

About 80 per cent of onboard systems were replaced in the course of repairs; the ships' lifetime became 10 years longer. 
According to the World Arms Trade Analytic Center, the contract for modernization of Project 1234E missile boat and Project 1159T patrol boat was tied with Algerian Navy in 2007. The contract implementation took about three years. 

Severnaya Verf continues repairing and upgrading of the second pair of Project 1234E (1159T) boats; the contract was signed in 2008. Their delivery is scheduled late in 2011. 

In total, Algerian Navy has three ships of each project mentioned above; all of them were commissioned in 1980-1985. 

According to director of Severnaya Verf Andrei Fomichev, modernization of the third pair of Algerian patrol boats (projects 1234E and 1159T) will be negotiated in March.

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