Monday, February 14, 2011

Deep-sea submersible Panther Plus begins service in Russian Navy

Russian Navy received a parcel of British submersible robots under state rearmament program which lasts till 2020. 

Remote operated submersible Panther Plus is designed for searching of underwater objects. It is equipped with video cameras and hi-tech manipulators capable to carry any special-purpose devices. 

Deep-sea diving armor powered with 4 motors has been also tested; it makes possible to work at the depth down to 360 meters. "It is very comfortable for deep waters and rescue operations – it needs neither compression nor decompression", said Rinat Zatulin, the head of laboratory for armored diving equipment. 
In 2005 a submersible analogous to Panther helped to salvage a Russian 7-man bathyscaph meshed by fishing nets. After that incident defense ministry decided to purchase the batch of equipment. Experts of 40th Search-and-Rescue Scientific Institute adapted the submersibles to be operated by Russian warships. 

The submersibles will be commissioned into Pacific Fleet, Black Sea Fleet, and Baltic Fleet. Presently, the vehicles perform only regular training tasks to be always ready for use whenever needed.
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