Friday, January 14, 2011

Officer dismissed by Medvedev threatens to pitch tent on the Red Square

Officer dismissed by Medvedev threatens to pitch tent on the Red Square
Moscow Military Court addressed for new trial the case of LtCol Viktor Biront, Kolomna Naval Technical Base Commander dismissed by president Medvedev. 

Recall that the naval technical base in Kolomna (Moscow region) headed by LtCol Biront was almost burnt down because of wild fires. In Nov 2010 Lubertsy Military Court invalidated dismissal of the officer, although representatives of defense ministry appeal this decision in the court of superior jurisdiction. And the court is going to reargue this case. 

As for Biront, bad attitude of commanders has driven him to hypertonia, heart disease and depression. It is also noteworthy that colleagues say his actions were impeccable both before and after the incident. 

"Investigators have analyzed the case for half a year, and now things are going to start again. They just force me to give up. I can't find a job because of running about courts and procuracy offices. I've no place to go if they kick my family away from service flat. We used to live in bunk houses for 26 years, so we are in wait for own apartment to be given to us. Otherwise, I've nothing to do but to pitch a tent on the Red Square and live there. I feel like a leper, nobody even talked to me before my dismissal. They erased my name in the way it ought to have been so", said the officer.
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