Friday, January 14, 2011

Development project of Kazachya Bay was presented in Sevastopol

Development project of Kazachya Bay was presented in Sevastopol

Two embankments, 16-storey buildings, park, swimming-pool, stadium, schools, and nurseries will appear at Sevastopol's Kazachya Bay in future. 

Corresponding development project was presented on Wednesday in Sevastopol city administration. 

Architects of Grazhdanproekt Institute predict that population of Kazachya Bay district where Russian military units are currently located will increase up to 20,000 in the nearest future. 

On this basis, experts drew up the district development project which implies construction of 3-16 storey buildings (the closer to sea the less number of storeys). In prospect, it is planned to construct two schools (for 1 200 and 990 students), three nurseries, stadium, recreation center, supermarket, fire station, and swimming pool. Architects propose to lay out a park and to build a 600-suite hotel. 

The coast will turn into beaches and embankments. However, it is impossible to belt the whole bay with quay walls – the esplanade will be punctuated by industrial objects. 

It is noteworthy that garages are offered to be removed to parking zone which is going to be built along the railway. 

According to Sevastopol mayor Valery Saratov, in prospect Kazachya Bay will become "not only a bedroom suburb but a residential district". 

However, the city mayor admitted that some buildings presented in the draft project overlap the lands leased for Russia's Black Sea Fleet till 2042. 

That was confirmed by Black Sea Fleet Deputy Commander Sergei Migai who also attended the presentation. Particularly, he brought to notice that the project touches a part of the military range. Black Sea Fleet command won't let the range area to be reduced, said Migai. 

Chairman of Sevastopol city council Yury Doinikov pointed out in his turn that the Russian fleet would need a part of coast to disembark armor from ships. 

Ukrainian minister of emergencies also emphasized that 16-storey buildings must be seismic-resistant. In addition, he said it was found out during recent exercises that Kazachya Bay has no emergency alerting systems while the district is situated next to potentially hazardous objects – sea port and oil transshipment terminal Yugtorsan. 

Finally, it was decided to let architects improve the project.
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