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Memorial activities for Aldar Tsydenzhapov were held in Pacific Fleet

Memorial activities for Aldar Tsydenzhapov were held in Pacific Fleet
Pacific Fleet conducted memorial activities in remembrance of Aldar Tsydenzhapov, Hero of Russia and a sailor of destroyer Bystry. Parents of the hero and delegation from his native town arrived to attend the ceremony. 

Another name has been written in chronicles of Pacific Fleet's heroes. The highest national title was given posthumously to a crewman of destroyer Bystry. During the fire in machinery compartment, he saved the warship from explosion at the expense of his life. Now hundreds of men owe their lives to him. 

This tragedy happened on September 24. Two hours prior to the cruise, a fire occurred in the ship's bow machinery compartment of destroyer Bystry. The flame was reaching steam boiler. And the explosion was inevitable if only watchman sailor Aldar Tsydenzhapov would not shut off water and steam supply. 

Capt 1 rank Viktor Sokolov, commander of Primorskaya flotilla: "Our mission is to use this example for educational purpose. To me, this sample of heroism symbolizes the pride in current generation, in our young people". By presidential decree, sailor of Pacific Fleet destroyer Bystry Aldar Tsydenzhapov was posthumously rewarded with the title of the Hero of Russia in the New Year's Eve. 

Memorial plaque was opened at destroyer Bystry with participation of the hero's parents. And in accordance with old naval tradition, Aldar's berth will be always unoccupied because he is an everlasting member of the ship's crew. One of the streets in the hero's native town Aginsk was named after him. 

According to parents of Aldar, draft call to Pacific Fleet made him and all family happy. Biligma Tsydenzhapova, the hero's mother: "I've always been admiring my son, because after school he said he wouldn't enroll in any college. He wanted to do military service right after the school", "Aldar was beside himself with joy when they told he would be a sailor and serve in Vladivostok. We were delighted too, because his grandfather also served in Vladivostok, at Pacific Fleet". 

Delegation from Aginsk signed patronage agreements with the destroyer's crew and Primorskaya flotilla command; draftees from Aldar's native town will serve at Pacific Fleet warships. 

Memorable sign to the Hero of Russia Aldar Tsydenzhapov was opened on the quay of destroyer Bystry at the basing site of Primorskaya flotilla.
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