Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fire at Vice Admiral Kulakov did no harm to the ship's battle-worthiness

Fire at Vice Admiral Kulakov did no harm to the ship's battle-worthiness
Fire outbreak occurred in large ASW ship Vice Admiral Kulakov on Jan 5 did not reduce combat effectiveness of the ship, reported a source in Northern Fleet to the Central Navy Portal. 

On Jan 6 information emerged on some Internet forums that the ship recently returned from long-standing repair had underwent a fire and become unserviceable. 

Really, the accident neither knocked the ship out of action nor reduced her battle-worthiness. Short circuit and fumigation of the mess-room which can be hardly classified as a fire only frustrated officers' messing; damages are so minor that will be eliminated in the nearest time, said the spokesman for Northern Fleet. 

Such incidents are regular in the Navy and normally caused by operational imperfections of the personnel and use of faulty equipment. 

In recent years large ASW ship Vice Admiral Kulakov has been mentioned in several hard-hitting news. For instance, on Dec 4, 2009 conscript sailor Arthur Kayumov was poisoned with carbon monoxide while fire in the lower deck. In 2010 two sailors were tortured, beaten and extorted by senior conscripts and officers; finally, they were close to suicide. In Apr 2010 the Central Navy Portal published a video clip of an officer threatening and beating sailors for their mistakes during classes on board the ship.

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