Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Syrian ports will accommodate Iranian warships

Israeli political and military leadership displayed a serious concern over reports of Iran's intentions to station its warships in Syrian ports, reported Iranian Navy's command. 

According to MIGnews, Iranian warships are about to reach the Mediterranean via the Red Sea and the Suez Canal and stay in Syrian territorial waters "for at least a year". Iran gradually expands military presence beyond zones of its direct national interests. Iranian task force has been actively operating off Yemen in the Aden Gulf for the recent two years. The excuse is "anti-piracy activities", but really Iran secures arms supply routes and supports its Shiah allies fighting against Yemeni and Saudi governments. 
Iranian Navy commander stated that expansion of Iran's operational area was the response on continuing presence of US and EU fleets in the Persian Gulf. Iran was irritated much by reports about France's plans to construct a naval base in United Arab Emirates. Iranian top-ranking naval officials said Iran "won't stand" any foreign navies near its coast and would take "adequate actions".
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