Friday, February 4, 2011


HMAS Sirius showed a strong level of support to the National Queensland Flood Appeal by completing a gruelling 24 hour spin bike challenge and raising more than $5000 for their efforts.
The challenge commenced at 0800 (AWST), Thursday 3 February and consisted of an arduous 24 hour spin bike race completed by a total of 24 members of the Ship’s Company, each pedaling for one hour in varying weather conditions in the West Australian Exercise Area, off the coast of Perth.
Commanding Officer, CMDR Dave McDonald led the power charge as the opening rider and clocked up 28.4km over a 60 minute period.                                                         
(L-R): ABWTR Gemma Stratton, POWTR Kylie Bakes and LSPT Freeman.
This sparked a healthy display of sportsman rivalry and competition between the individual riders.
The challenge was a little bit more strenuous and sweaty for LSET Cain Thomson as he was required to wear DPNU and Anti-Flash throughout an air warfare serial. This did not deter him and pushed out an impressive 31.9km.

Although Sirius proceeded home to Fleet Base West earlier than scheduled, this did not dampen the spirits of the challenge and riders continued to dig deep throughout the night. POB Danny Bland managed to ride a massive 37.3km.
A statesman of the Sirius riding fraternity, MT Paul Wilcox completed the pedaling challenge with effortless ease by managing to ride 31.3km, taking the challenge to a total of 716km.
“Riding across the Causeway to Garden Island for work each day was the perfect training program for the event,”CPOMT Wilcox said.
LSPT Candice Freeman took the initiative to set the challenge as she saw it as a fun way for members of Ship’s Company to show a strong level of support to the people affected by the Queensland Floods.
“It was a whole ship effort and it was great to see all levels of the ships company involved in the event,” LSPT Freeman said.
“It shows great promise of what we can achieve as a ships company for the rest of 2011.”
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