Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Russian diplomats honored heroism of Varyag crew in Incheon, South Korea

Traditional wreath-laying ceremony associated with heroism of Russian sailors of cruiser Varyagand gunboat Koreyets was held on Dec 9 in South Korean port Incheon (former Chemulpo). 

Being on board a South Korean corvette, Russian ambassador to Korea Konstantin Vnukov and military attaché Col. Pavel Anisov laid a wreath from Russian embassy on the sea surface. 

This ceremony is traditionally held at the place where on Feb 9, 1904 two warships of Russian Imperial Navy fought a losing battle with a 14-ship Japanese squadron. To keep the ships uncaptured, the gunboat was exploded and Varyag was sunken under a command of the cruiser's CO Capt 1 rank Vsevolod F. Rudnev.
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