Monday, February 14, 2011

Ness Technologies signs $16m contract with MoD of foreign country

Ness Technologies, Inc., a global provider of IT services and solutions, announced today that its defense and homeland security business unit has signed an approximately $16 million contract to provide a training and simulation system to a foreign country's national command and control center. The solution will be based on Ness' sophisticated Integrated Command and Control System (ICCS), which Ness implemented for the purchasing country beginning in May 2008, and a simulation product.
The national command and control center provides the ministry of defense and the defense forces of the country with a real-time integrated situation and operational picture for optimal decision making and operational planning, both in peacetime and in crisis. The new trainer will be used to train high-ranking and upper echelon officers of the center, using real-world scenarios to guide the officers through situations they may encounter.

"Following the very successful implementation and deployment of its national command and control center, the foreign country's ministry of defense is beginning a strong proactive training process, utilizing the training and simulation system," said Michael Zinderman, President, Ness Technologies and Systems Group (Ness TSG). "Our dedicated ICCS trainer and simulation system significantly enhances the performance and decision making process of officers in real life situations."
ICCS is a comprehensive command and control system that integrates and fuses situation pictures from different military branches (ground forces, air force, navy, etc.), intelligence services, logistics organizations, etc. The system provides the connectivity capabilities to automatically share operational information among the various units and agencies.
ICCS improves operational planning by gathering, filtering and fusing data, as well as using decision support tools for optimal operational planning. The system enables fast and accurate dissemination of mission orders, reports and data, as well as reception of status and location reports of the forces through secured communication networks in real time. It also monitors execution of mission orders issued by the HQ to the various units.
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