Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Icebreakers build by Baltiysky Zavod work twice as much as in 2010

Transit traffic along the Northern Sea Route will significantly grow in 2011, said assistant director general of FSUE Atomflot Mikhail Belkin at theArctic Frontiers conference held in Norway. As for now, Atomflot has received 15 requests for icebreaker assistance in contrast to 4 requests in the same period of 2010. 

According to Norwegian shipowners, use of the Northern Sea Route makes possible not only to cut cargo delivery time and reduce fuel expenditures but also to except all piracy-related risks widespread around the Suez Canal. 

Forty years ago Baltiysky Zavod shipyard laid down nuclear-powered icebreaker Arktika; all subsequent ships of this project presently provide icebreaker assistance along the Northern Sea Route. Currently,Baltiysky Zavod is the Russia's only shipyard building nuclear-powered surface ships. Thanks to construction of floating nuclear power plant Akademik Lomonosov, the yard again has lined up a unique process chain of nuclear-powered shipbuilding, adjusted connection with contracting organizations and suppliers of special equipment, selected well-qualified experts and so forth. 
Considering trends to increase the role of this sea route and forthcoming decommission of all active icebreakers by 2015-2016 (except 50 Let Pobedy), building of new ships becomes increasingly urgent. 

JSC Baltiysky Zavod shipyard (member of the United Industrial Corporation) is one of the Russia's largest shipbuilding companies. It is specialized in construction of icebreakers and ice-class vessels (both nuclear-powered and diesel), heavy-tonnage vessels, and warships; produces wide range of engineering products and power-generating equipment; is a supplier of non-ferrous and steel castings. 

According to annual report of Ministry of Industry and Trade made in 2010, JSC Baltiysky Zavod was named among leaders in special shipbuilding segments after construction of a diesel electric icebreaker for FSUERosmorport.
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