Friday, February 11, 2011

Designing of Russian analog for Mistral would take 10 years – General Staff

Construction of a ship analogous to Mistral class helicopter carrier without foreign participation could take ten years, said Gen. Makarov, Chief of Russian General Staff at Thursday's press conference. 

"Our country would need at least ten years to design aMistral-like ship. Someone could create better arms in this period", Makarov said. 

That is why he offers to import the most advanced weapons and produce their analogs in Russia. "Otherwise we will only have to buy", he said. 

Makarov added that state arms procurement program implies RUR 23 trillion spendings till 2020. Previously, it was officially reported about RUR 21 trillion. 
Late in Dec 2010 Russia and France officially declared that the consortium consisting of United Shipbuilding Corporation (Russia) and DCNS (France) would construct two Mistral class ships in Saint-Nazaire (France) and other two – in Russia under license. 

Russian defense ministry issued the appropriate tender in Oct 2010. Russian vice premier Igor Sechin and French defense minister Alain Juppe signed an intergovernmental agreement late in Jan 2011. 

RIA Novosti reported in Dec 2010 referring to a source involved in negotiations that the first Mistral class ship for Russia would be constructed in France late in 2013 (early in 2014), the second one – late in 2014 (early in 2015). Russia's participation in the first Mistral will be 20%, the second one – 40%. Than other two ships are to be constructed in Russia under French license. 

Provisionally, the first ship would cost EUR 720 mln, the second one – EUR 650 mln. In Russia, the ships will be constructed in Kronshtadt at new yards of Admiralteyskie Verfi specially built for Mistrals. 

Assault landing ship Mistral has displacement of 21,000 tons; overall length is 210 meters; speed is over 18 knots; operational range is up to 20,000 miles; crew is 160 men plus 450 marines. Air wing consists of 16 helicopters; six of them can be simultaneously placed on the flight deck.

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