Monday, February 14, 2011

Danish warship freed Yemeni vessel captured by pirates

Danish naval ship Esbern Snare released a Yemeni fishing vessel in the Indian Ocean which had been held by Somali pirates for about a year, reports Associated Press referring to NATO command. 

Esbern Snare detained a suspect vessel with two boats on the deck. After cautionary fire, a boarding party was sent on board the vessel; they captured 16 pirates and released 2 Yemeni hostages. 

Piracy still remains the main threat to global maritime shipping. Early in Feb Somali pirates tried to hijack a Greek-flagged tanker 290 miles south-westward Indian coast. The ship managed to escape. 
Somalia can not find the answer to the piracy problem because it ceased to exist as united state in 1991 with falling of Siad Barre dictatorship who had been governing the country since late 60's. Currently, world community recognizes Federal Government of Somalia as the only lawful authority in the country; however, the named government controls only a part of a capital city, Mogadishu. 

The rest parts of Somalia are either under control of unrecognized state formations or self-governed territories which leaders have different views on integration. 

Anti-piracy campaign off Somali is carried out under EUNAVFOR – Operation Atalanta launched in 2008 and NATO Operation Ocean Shield started in 2009. Russian warships also participate in maritime security operations.
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