Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Colombia navy seizes drugs submarine

The Colombian navy has seized a submarine modified by drugs smugglers to carry up to eight tons of cocaine to Mexico.

The ocean-going, submersible vessel was ready to embark on its maiden voyage, and is capable of travelling long distances.
"It is the first submersible to be seized in the country," said General Jaime Herazo.
The raid was made on Sunday in the remote jungle region of Cauca, close to the Pacific coast, where the submarine was hidden on a river.
The captured vessel "can travel up to 9 metres (depth) underwater," Gen Herazo added, and costs an estimated £1.32 million. The vessels can reach speeds of around 11mph.
Made out of fibreglass, the submarine has the capacity to carry four crew members. Narco submarines, as they are known, are designed specifically to be nearly undetectable visually or by radar, sonar and infrared systems because they travel just below the surface of the water.
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