Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Admiral Vinogradov escorts the ninth convoy

Pacific Fleet (PF) large ASW ship Admiral Vinogradov which currently takes part in the anti-piracy campaign off the Horn of Africa started escorting another convoy, reported Prima Mediaciting Roman Martov, press secretary of PF Commander. 

"The ninth convoy of Admiral Vinogradov consists of two vessels", he said. "At present, the convoy moves through the hazardous Bab el Mandeb strait connecting the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden". 

Recall that PF task force consisting of large ASW ship Admiral Vinogradov, sea-going salvage tug, and tanker Pechenga arrived from Vladivostok to the Gulf of Aden on Dec 22, 2010. There are marine units on board Admiral Vinogradov, as well as two deck-based helicopters conducting permanent aerial reconnaissance.

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