Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Admiral Vinogradov escorts another convoy

Pacific Fleet (PF) large ASW ship Admiral Vinogradov which is presently deployed in the Gulf of Aden started to escort a 5-vessel convoy, reports RIA Novosti referring to an official spokesman for the Navy. 

"Among the convoyed vessels is MV Paramount Hamilton with Russian crew on board (23 men)", he said. 

The Russian warship conducts underway monitoring over surface situation by visual and radar aids. 

Recall that PF task force taking part in the international anti-piracy campaign in the Gulf of Aden had recently escorted the sixth convoy in 2011. 

Fifth PF task force arrived to the Gulf of Aden from Vladivostok on Dec 22, 2010; it consists of large ASW ship Admiral Vinogradov, ocean-going salvage tug SB-522, and tanker Pechenga
Admiral Vinogradov has two deck-based helicopters conducting permanent aerial reconnaissance. All ships of the task force are reinforced with PF marine units; all of them had passed special training prior to the mission.

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