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Warship Design, Build, Modernisation and Repair

Naval vessel side profile
The Aegir® family of naval support vessel designs enables navies to replenish ships at sea while complying with IMO environmental regulations; designed to commercial rules, they may be built in any large yard. Aegir® image © BMT Defence Services 2008, Image Credit:
UK SSMG submarine on waters surface
BMT is a partner in the UK SSMG, maintaining and upgrading all in-service RN nuclear submarines; we also designed, and managed the introduction of the RN's first dry deck hangar. Submarine and DDH image © NAVYPIX
Aerial view of a military Naval vessel
BMT spends double its sector average on research. Caimen 200 is a recent BMT design for a fast Landing Craft Tank (LCT), capable of achieving a transit speed of more than 16 knots fully laden with up to three Main Battle Tanks (MBT). Caimen® image © BMT Defence Services 2008, Image Credit:
BMT submarine
Verifiable independence means BMT can be a customer friend to governments or work for any defence prime from concept through to disposal or as a critical partner where we actively transfer knowledge and expertise. Vidar®-36, our design for a large, ocean-going SSK, demonstrates we know what we advise others about. Vidar® image © BMT Defence Services 2008, Image Credit:

Computer training taking place
Assessing how technologies mature is a familiar activity at BMT, supported by our technology watch programmes and the integration knowledge of our systems engineers (supported by tools such as TeMAP® developed by our own software solutions experts). Image © BMT Defence Services, Image Credit: Criterion

As a prime contractor for integrated warships, DCNS draws on extensive in-house expertise in naval architecture, warship systems engineering, ship assembly and integration, and equipment design and production.

DCNS offers a vast portfolio of naval systems, subsystems and equipment.

DCNS is applying existing know-how to new areas of energy with strong prospects, including civil nuclear energy and marine renewable energy.

German Frigate 124 with FHS helicopter handling system.

Our helicopter handling system fixes the main gear and our landing grid fixes the helicopter.

Reliable technology.

German support supply vessel EGV 702 with FHS hangar door.

We provide a comprehensive range of doors and hatches for the marine industry.

The Gaeta Class, built for the Italian Navy, is a class of mine countermeasure vessels with unique technology built and supplied in a number of customised variants.

The new MCMVs under construction for the Finnish Navy are equipped with a wide range of fully-integrated mine countermeasures equipment and hydrographic sensors, as well as autonomous underwater vehicles.

28 units of the CP25 25m aluminium patrol boat have been built for the Italian Coast Guard; they have three diesel engines, two lateral fixed-pitch propellers and one central booster waterjet.

The Aretusa, the first of the hydro-oceanographic ships built for the Italian Navy.

The MV115, which is built in composite material and in three variants, is especially suitable for law-enforcement duties and for patrolling missions in blue waters.

Naval equipment console
J+S offers a comprehensive mix of engineering disciplines to address customer problems.
Naval equipment console
By applying the full breadth of our system, mechanical, software, electronic and acoustic engineering skills we are able to provide innovative solutions to a range of naval sensor, weapon system, communication, test and simulation requirements.

Naval equipment production facility
J+S Ltd combine comprehensive in-house engineering development skills with equipment support solutions and bespoke production capabilities to deliver cost effective, capable and robust solutions to a range of customer requirements.

Navantia designs, builds and repairs a wide range of ships for navies all over the world.

Navantia also specialize in vessel energy and propulsion systems, weapons systems, and platform control systems.

Navantia design and build some of the most high-tech vessels in the world.

NAVDEX - the dedicated naval defence and coastal security exhibition launches in February 2011.

Live on-water and amphibious demonstrations will take place daily at the marina beach.

Co-located with IDEX the largest tri-service defence exhibition in the Middle East and North Africa.

NAVDEX will attract high profile visitors and official delegations.

Visiting naval vessels will attend NAVDEX 2011.

An Obket 3D printer
Objet 3D printers have many advantages for the product design community.
Front of a Naval battleship
Objet 3D printing systems provide rapid naval prototyping capabilities, which have a wide variety of applications in the defence industry.
Technical Naval diagrams
Well-suited to a broad range of manufacturing applications, Objet 3D printing solutions provide the defence industry with the ability to quickly simulate components and systems used in every form of passive or reactive conflict technology.

Navantia, Nansen Class anti-submarine warfare frigate
Navantia is building five Nansen Class anti-submarine warfare frigates for the Royal Norwegian Navy (Courtesy of Navantia - formerly Izar).
Ship design model for Norwegian Coast Guard (Courtesy of Langsten Aker Yards).
Ship design for Norwegian Coast Guard (Courtesy of Langsten Aker Yards).
A Scorpene Class Submarine
FORAN was used in the design of the Scorpene Class Submarine (Courtesy of Navantia formerly Izar).
Hull form example of a SWATH vessel.
Hull form example of a SWATH vessel.
Naval vessel designed using CAD technologies
FORAN is the leading edge CAD / CAM / CAE technology in shipbuilding (Courtesy of Severnoye DB).

Visby Corvette travelling at speed on open water
The design of the Visby class corvette is one example of the long and successful tradition of co-operation between SSPA and the Swedish Defence Material Administration and the Royal Swedish Navy.
Submarine being lowered on supports
The hydromechanics design work of the IZAR P650 submarine included extensive model tests, development of propeller geometry, manoeuvring simulations and speed power predictions carried out by SSPA.
Submarine pumpjets seen from rear
Design and model experiments on pumpjets for submarine designs have been conducted by SSPA.
Futuristic yacht travelling at speed
The 65-knots fast 36m motor yacht 118 Wally Power was a milestone in yacht design: the SSPA predictions based on model tests were fully proven at sea trials.
Computational Fluid Dynamics calculations of a submarine
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) calculations of wave pattern signature and pressure distribution on a 60m generic submarine travelling at 8 knots in shallow water; SSPA utilises the CFD codes SHIPFLOW and FLUENT.

PV50 “Hamina” class coastal patrol Vessel for the Finnish Navy

PV62 – 30kn fast attack craft developed for the Taiwanese Navy.

PV75 offshore patrol vessels CGS “Vigilant” for the Mauritius Coast Guard.

PV80 offshore patrol vessel L.E. “Niamh” for the Irish naval service

PV85 offshore patrol vessel RNZS “Wellington” for the Royal New Zealand Navy.

Southerly Boat Builders Diagram
Western Boat Builders are able to manufacture a wide range of military and paramilitary vessels.
Southerly Design Boat Diagram
Western Boat Builders have the maritime boat design resources available through naval architect and maritime design firms such as Southerly Design.
Diagram of a military vessel
Whatever the final design you select we are able to manufacture your military vessel to the highest standards.

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