Monday, January 17, 2011


Cairns based Royal Australian Navy Survey Ships HMAS Shepparton and HMAS Paluma departed Cairns in the early hours of Saturday morning to proceed at best speed towards Moreton Bay and Brisbane. Expected to arrive on Tuesday, the ships will meet up with Sydney-based mine hunter, HMAS Huon to help with efforts to re-open the shipping channel to deep-draught commercial vessels.
HMAS Shepparton at sea
HMAS Shepparton at sea
Shepparton and Paluma are equipped with some of the most advanced survey technology, and are ideally suited to this type of hydrographic survey work.
Proving the main shipping channel clear of obstructions from the floods ultimately allows the recovery effort to proceed faster, rebuilding to accelerate, and restores vital economic activity for all of Queensland.
As the flood waters travel at speed, they have the ability to transport great volumes and larger sizes of sediment, gravels, rocks and other debris.
As the waters enter the wider expanses of Moreton Bay, the speed of the water decreases, and the greatest majority of the sediments will precipitate out of the flood waters. This has the potential to create blockages of the shipping channel - although the extent of this is currently unknown.
HMAS Paluma at sea
HMAS Paluma
"I have a great sense of pride in being able to help our fellow Queenslanders, and hope that our efforts, as a small part of the help being provided by the ADF, other Queenslanders, and Australians in general, will help Brisbane and SE Queensland with the task of re-building", said Lieutenant Commander Adam Muckalt Commanding Officer, HMAS Shepparton.
Leading Seaman Hydrographic Systems Operator Kelly Denner added: "I am proud to assist and provide ongoing support to the people of SE Queensland throughout this natural disaster".
Seaman Marine Technician Nick Cook said "When I was told that we were deploying to help with the flood relief I couldn't wait to start helping out with the clean-up effort, and I will be extremely proud to be wearing uniform whilst doing so."
For more information on the ADF's assistance to the QLD Flood recovery efforts:
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