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Local painter, Mr Richard Hardwick presents CMDR Ivan Ingham with a watercolour of HMAS Toowooba.
On Friday 3 December 2010, CMDR Andrew Quinn,RAN, assumed command of HMAS Toowoomba. CMDR Quinn relieved CMDR Ivan Ingham, RAN after nearly 22 months in command. CMDR Ingham gave his departing address at a clear lower deck held in the hanger just minutes prior to his final departure.
The address outlined his command highlights over the previous two years and the demanding yet rewarding program the ship had undertaken. He reflected on a busy Workup, a Gulf Deployment, several months alongside and then a busy South East Asian deployment involving several multi-national exercises and fulfilling port visits.
CMDR Ingham took the time to personally thank all members of the Ship’s Company for their concerted efforts in supporting the mission ofToowoomba. He said “I’ve had a great command” and reiterated that it was the members of Ship’s Company who had driven the Ship’s successes.
CMDR Ingham was presented with several mementos by the Officers and Crew of Toowoomba to signify his departure and thank him for his leadership. These included a photo board of significant events with an engraved plate, but more special was a watercolour of the ship, painted by Mr Richard Hardwick, a local artist. Mr Hardwick explained that the watercolour, like every painting, has a story; and in this case it was that the ship could “either be going to sea or coming alongside”.
The ship’s company, especially those members who deployed with CMDR Ingham in 2009, reminisced on the many challenging and exciting times that his command had delivered. The CO was piped across the gangway for the last time and then farewelled as he rode in a motor trike up the wharf, accompanied by other members of the Purple Pony Motorcycle Club.
CMDR Quinn steps into the role of CO Toowoomba during a busy period with many maintenance tasks being undertaken prior to an even busier schedule next year. CMDR Quinn said he is proud to be Commanding Officer ofToowoomba and very much looks forward to the times ahead.
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