Friday, January 28, 2011


Chief of Navy, Vice Admiral Russ Crane AO, CSM, RAN, addresses 159 Navy personnel, from Task Group 637.9 at RAAF Base Amberley, to pay recognition for their on going commitment and hard work associated with Operation Queensland Flood Assist.
An Australia Day stand down period allowed the Chief of Navy to make a visit to Navy personnel recently assigned toJTF 637 in Brisbane and Amberley.

The 150-strong Navy detachment atRAAF Base Amberley described the tasks they had completed, working in the Fernvale and Somerset regions, and described the devastation they had witnessed. On completion, Chief of Navy met with the sailors and officers assigned to the Maritime Task Group at Bulimba Barracks.
Working in the Brisbane River and Moreton Bay the Task Group personnel are responsible for surveying, locating and identifying contacts on the river bed and within the shipping channels.
All Navy personnel, whether they be working on the river, in the Bay or ashore, have worked very hard at achieving their mission said Chief of Navy.

"It is very clear to me that there is some very great work being conducted for Operation Queensland Flood Assist.
"Whilst I am not in your operational chain of command right now I take an enormous amount of pride, responsibility and accountability in ensuring you are all ready to undertake tasks of this nature," he said.
The ADF response to the flood crisis has included 1900 personnel and numerous vehicles, ships and equipment. The joint nature of the operation is particularly significant for Navy personnel said Chief of Navy.
"With the introduction of LHDs in a few years, Navy will be operating in a joint environment on a daily basis, and that's really exciting. Operations like this will help to streamline our procedures and prepare our personnel to work with our Army and Air Force colleagues," he said.
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