Friday, January 21, 2011

MBDA At Aero India 2011

MBDA is bringing in missile power at the Aero India 2011. Proposed in
the frame of Mirage 2000 upgrade program, MICA air-to-air missile will
also be displayed on MBDA stall. MICA is the only missile in the world
featuring two interoperable seekers (active radar and imaging infrared)
to cover the spectrum from close- in dogfight to long beyond visual
range. It is sometimes referred to as the silent interceptor as it is
extremely hard to defend against. For the Indian Air Force MMRCA missile
solutions, MBDA is displaying Meteor, Dual Mode Brimstone, Taurus KEPD
350 and SCALP/Storm Shadow. MBDA is offering them for the three European
aircraft options lined up for the IAF ’s MMRCA competition, Rafale,
Eurofighter Typhoon and Gripen.

MBDA says that Meteor, if procured, the
IAF will benefit from a performance that will ensure launch aircraft
survivability while minimising missile usage and, therefore, whole life
cost. The Dual Mode Brimstone is MBDA ’s most recent developments and a
key UK RAF weapon currently being deployed operationally in theatre in
conditions not dissimilar to those that the IAF would most likely have
to operate in. DMB is the only weapon currently available that can
engage fast moving land and sea targets with high precision. Capable of
engaging a wide variety of target types and operating safely and
effectively in the complex littoral area, DMB offers a major operational
advantage in being able to deal with the swarming FIAC (Fast Inshore
Attack Craft) threats. The Eurofighter Typhoon equipped with DMB has a
distinct advantage over helicopters as it can rapidly confront a threat
which could be engaged asymmetrically optimising the effectiveness.
Significantly, DMB has been used with the Litening pod designator which
is already in service with the IAF. As for Deep Strike operations, MBDA
has two cruise missiles to offer for the MMRCA programme. Taurus KEPD
350 for the Eurofighter Typhoon and Gripen and SCALP/Storm Shadow for
the Rafale. Both weapon systems are in service and have proven their
unerring and unmatched ability to fulfil and indeed exceed the
requirements stipulated by the IAF in terms of range, target effect and
CEP (Circular Error Probable). For ALH DHRUV and LCH helicopters, MBDA
is offering PARS 3. This fire and forget system developed for Germany ’s
Tiger helicopter is capable of targeting and defeating a wide range of
mobile and stationary ground targets from latest generation
armour-protected vehicles to bunkers with pinpoint accuracy.

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