Sunday, January 23, 2011

Has Brazil Sold Arms to Pakistan?

Brazil sold arms to Pakistan overlooking Indian concerns? A section of Brazilian media has carried reports about a Pakistan Air Force transport aircraft being loaded with missiles and bombs last month at Sao Jose dos Campos airport near Sao Paulo.

If these reports are true, the move will be received by surprise as just last year, Brazil had cancelled a contract to sell anti-radiation missiles - meant to destroy radars - to Pakistan. It was widely believed that the deal was cancelled keeping in mind the Indian concerns.

There is no official confirmation so far on the nature of cargo loaded on the C-130 transport aircraft of the Pakistan Air Force. One report claimed that it was short range air to air missile 1-A Piranha, whose improved version MAA-1B is still under development. Other claim has been that the cargo was unguided bombs based on the US MK Series.

The reports also claimed that the sale was kept a secret due to a confidentially clause in the contract.
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