Friday, January 28, 2011

Defense ministry has inspected Baltic Fleet

Defense ministry has inspected Baltic Fleet
Russian defense ministry carried out an inspection of Baltiysk Naval Base. A board of General Staff officers headed by Rear Admiral Mikhail Chekmasov checked whether directions of Gen. Nikolai Makarov, Chief of General Staff given in Nov 2010 were fulfilled, and inspected conditions of service duties. 

Mostly, focus was on capability of commanders, staffs, and services to manage combat duties, and readiness of alert forces for combat tasks. 

By injection task of chief inspector Rear Admiral Mikhail Chekmasov, duty minesweeper commanded by Snr. Lt. Alexei Sergeyev was checked for readiness to accomplish combat training tasks. Inspectors checked the crew's ability to urgently prepare for combat and cruise, and make onboard mine warfare systems ready for use. Drill on buoyant mine destruction was also held. 

According to Rear Admiral Chekmasov, the crew of harbor minesweeper RT-231 displayed excellent skills at shipborne arms under extreme sea and weather conditions – wind speed of 15 meters per second, and force-3 sea disturbance. 

Duty service of Baltiysk Naval Base will get final assessment after detailed analysis of all elements of the inspection.
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