Friday, January 21, 2011

Chinese J-911C Fighter Aircraft Project

Source: Chinese Thunder Dragon Magazine:

J-911C "game birds are" as the author designed a
multi-mission land-based fighter aircraft program. It uses standard
full-motion no tail x aerodynamic winglets. Head and the edge of the
smooth transition back gradually blended wing body with no apparent
boundaries of the fuselage and wings.

The wing-body fusion of the body designed to maximize interior space and
increase the availability of additional lift. Inlet tanks at the task
in front of the nose. This structure can reduce the size of the task of
enormous tanks of resistance, but also conducive to high angle of attack
when the intake efficiency. Cabin set in a high position, increasing
the driver's field of view in favor. Nozzle with all the vector control.

"Game bird person" within the main wing with a motorized fan to provide
vertical thrust, and its diameter of 7.6 meters. Vertical takeoff and
landing, and maneuvering for the increase in lift. The following are
tasks the fan compartment, the large space with 15-21 cubic meters of

Task is two sides of the engine compartment, outside the main landing
gear in the engine, placed in the inlet to move away next. Landing gear
installed in the inlet before the lower, back away. In the tail with
short-range defense / attack systems for close combat and intercept
incoming missiles. The following will be introduced one by one "game
bird who" of the performance characteristics.

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